VR Experience explores Brazilian Carnaval as template for the future of Spatial Computing

NYU/ITP Graduation Project 2019

HyperCarnaval chronicles how I’ve found my artistic voice by creating a VR studio while having Carnaval as my inspiration. It started with the question “where does creativity happen” and “what makes for an inspiring environment” in VR and grew up naturally into a journey of self-discovery.

As I created the tools to immerse myself in my own creations, I’ve found parallels between the embodiment of VR and the roots of Carnaval culture.

Created in Unity. 



I see Carnaval as a social virtual environment that happens on specific moments where everybody can become avatars of their own creation. It is a hand-crafted reality shared by a community under the rhythm of drums and dance. The realization that I had a “Virtual Reality” system already embedded deep in my cultural identity was a revelation that is still growing on me; I’ve become the answer to my own question on the inspiring power of VR. By sharing this personal experience I look forward to inspiring an alternative vision for VR as a path toward self-discovery and empowered creativity. A shared virtual Carnaval party: a HyperCarnaval 



The user – or Partier – can populate magical environments with dancing characters inspired by Brazilian Carnaval. All characters were custom created and have motion captured dance animations. 


All Character were created inside VR using Oculus Medium (now owned by Adobe). The choreographies were captured on a motion capture studio and they represent different expressions of Brazilian culture.

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