Gabriel Brasil

Creative Technologist & Product Management

 innovative UX solutions and interactive experiences for global brands.

Gabriel Brasil

Creative Technologist

 innovative UX solutions and interactive experiences for global brands.

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I'm a Creative Technologist with experience in UX XR Spatial Computing AR Product Design Project Management Innovation

For the last 10 years, I have guided teams and clients in delivering cutting-edge products and solutions.

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Spatial Computing, AI and XR are changing the landscape of tech and creativity – and that’s where I love to be.

…providing tailored strategies that hit my client’s goals

By merging playful experiences with functional design, we can create products that stand out…and make people smile!

Some Clients I worked with

Featured Works

Unveil my method for constructing clear, effective storyboards that lead to successful lens projects.
Multiplayer networked AR experience showcased at the 2022 Snap Summit Award
Leading the Product department of Brazil's leading STEM education service to over 50 thousand students.
Guiding a cement giant in it's journey from supplier to retail
AR integration for the Bumble Dating App showcased at the 2021 Snap Summit Award

AR Advertising

As a Tech Lead, I supervised the ideation, presentation, and enhancement of AR lens concepts, collaborated closely with clients to ensure alignment with their vision, and guided teams to deliver an extensive catalog of over 250 immersive experiences for top-tier brands worldwide. Here is a small sample of published ads.

Jordan AIR

AR Try-on for the discerning sneaker-head


Playful stunt race experience for Nissan

Daemon Soul PS5

Campaign for the release of Daemon Soul for the Sony Playstation 5

YSL – Yves for Men

Perfume advertising for Yves Saint Laurent line for men.


Part of a large campaign featuring themes drinks for Applebee’s

Fluff World

AR recreation of the Fluff World dome, built at SXSW 2022.

Patron Tequila

Drinking game and cocktail recipes 

KFC Spicy Chicken

Part of a series of AR experiences with a playful take on KFC’s spicy and classic recipes.

Experiments & Personal

Past works - TV News Production

Before moving to Tech & Design I worked for over 10 years as a TV News producer covering major stories for international news agencies.


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