Bumble – Dating AR

Using AR to turn “swipes” into an immersive online dating experience.

 Project lead and design lead at QREAL in this project, where Bumble implemented the newly released Snap Camera API to their dating app experience.

The goal was to use Snap AR technology to make online dating more immersive, allowing users to have a shared experience in 5 fantastical locations – from a lovely park in Paris or a gondola ride in Venice, to a romantic camping scene and beyond. 

We wanted to go beyond static backgrounds and for this we used head tracking technology, which made our CGI backgrounds come to life when moving the camera, without the need of processor intensive 360 photos or videos.

This project was showcased on the 2021 Snap Partner Summit and successfully implemented and expanded in the following months. 

 (see the full Snap summit presentation here)

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