Bumble – Dating AR

Deploying Snap’s AR technology into Bumble’s online dating service to create a more immersive (and romantic) user experience. 


Project Lead and Art Direction


Our objective was to utilize Snap AR technology to elevate the online dating experience, offering users immersive encounters in five captivating locations. From the picturesque parks of Paris to the romantic gondola rides of Venice, and even to tranquil camping scenes and beyond, our goal was to craft shared moments in fantastical settings.


Starting from the initial pitch deck, I created high-definition 2D collages of the approved settings and used Photoshop to create the different layers and effects that would create a sense of depth and movement.

To realize this vision, we took the concept beyond mere static backgrounds. Instead, we employed Lens Studio’s head-tracking technology to animate our CGI backgrounds dynamically. This innovative approach not only enriched user engagement but also eliminated the need for resource-intensive 360 photos or videos.

Challenges and Insights

 I loved coming up with romantic backgrounds and turning hundreds of images into magical locations. One regret was having to scrap a “Night in Paris” scene after finding out that the blinking lights at the Eiffel Tower are trademarked. I was proud of how the lighting effects came out and in the end, we were able to use them on the Gondola Ride scene. 

The head-tracking parallax effect also required a lot of fine tweaking. Working alongside the development team we managed to make it feel responsive while conforming to a 4mb size restriction.

The project was showcased at the 2020 Snap Partner Summit as an example of the successful integration of Snap’s Camera API into other popular Apps. 

It was well received by Bumble, who commissioned new environments a few months later. 

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