Gabriel Brasil

Creative Technologist and product lead

Immersive Media Technologies, Augmented Reality, User Experience, Research and Project Management

featured projects

Multiplayer communal garden. Created in cooperation with the New York Department of Environmental Protection.
Project management – Concepting – Sketching – Storyboarding – Mockup – Interaction Design – 3D modelling – 2D asset creation – UX for AR – Client research – R&D
AR campaign celebrating Chinese New Year and small businesses in Chinatown.
Project Lead – Concepting – Sketching – Storyboarding – Mockup – Geolocation Implementation – 3D modeling – 2D asset creation – UX for AR – Client research – R&D
Bringing Bumble’s dating experience to another dimension using SNAP’s Camera Kit API. Showcased at Snap’s Partner Summit 2021
Project Lead – Concepting – Sketching – Storyboarding – Mockup – API Beta Research – 2.5 modelling – 2D asset creation – UX for AR –  2D Parallax effect

Exhibit at the Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MAR) where historical artifacts, once belived lost or damaged by a devastating fire, are brought back to life through the use of AR. 

Asset creation Lead – 3D modeling – 3D animation – Photogrammetry Cleanup –  8thWall optimization

Sam's - Immersive Dining Experience - Unreal Web Streaming

R&D project for a web based dining experience powered by Unreal Engine using live Pixelstreaming technology.
Unreal Engine implementation – UE Blueprint Development – Lighting – Pixelstreaming setup for web – AWS implementation – HTML/CSS interface – Animation – R&D report
Stay Alive My Son - Poster

Interaction and Design consultant for VR experience based on the true story of survival of the Khmer Rouge. Directed by Victoria Bousis and adapted from the book with the same name by Pin Yathai. Currently being showcased at major international film festivals.

XR Interaction Design  – Motion Capture – Storyboarding – Concept art – Animatic – Environment Design – Production – 360 video

AR Branded Experiences

Jordan - Air

Shoe Try-on experience for Jordan Ai


Playful stunt race experience for Nissan

Sony - Daemon Soul

Campaign for the release of Daemon Soul for the PS5
(PL - 3D modeling, Rigging & Animation- VFX - Lens Studio - UX/UI)

YSL - Yves for Men

Perfume advertising for Yves Saint Laurent line for men.
(PM - 2D asset creation - 2D animation Lens Studio - After Effect - UX/UI)


Part of a large campaign featuring themes drinks for Applebee's

Fluff World

AR recreation of the Fluff World dome, built at SXSW 2022.

Patron Tequila

Drinking game and recipes for Patron Tequila

KFC Spicy Chicken

Part of a series of AR experiences with a playful take on KFC's spicy and classic recipes.


AR integration for the Bumble Dating showcased at the 2021 Snap Summit Award
Guiding a cement giant in it's journey from supplier to retail
Brazilian Carnaval as a template for the future of spatial computing.
UX research and development of Essilor's order management platform.
VR platform for showcasing the latest in bifocal lens technology.

UX and Other Works

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Gabriel Brasil – Creative Technologist


Creative Technologist and developer with over 10 years of experience in product development and innovation consultant for brands and institutions.



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