Unveil my method for constructing clear, effective storyboards that lead to successful lens projects.
Multiplayer networked AR experience showcased at the 2022 Snap Summit Award
Leading the Product department of Brazil's leading STEM education service to over 50 thousand students.
Guiding a cement giant in it's journey from supplier to retail
AR integration for the Bumble Dating App showcased at the 2021 Snap Summit Award
UX research and development of Essilor's order management platform.
VR platform for showcasing the latest in bifocal lens technology.
Celebrating Chinese New Year and small businesses at New York's Chinatown using the latest geolocated custom landmarkers technology.
Brazilian Carnaval as the future of VR and Spatial Computing.
Brazilian Carnaval as a template for the future of spatial computing.
Prototyping the early stages of a powerful VR experience now being shown at Venice and Sundance


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